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8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks Tested

8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks Tested – Here’s What Worked! January 12, 2018

There’s so much of ‘information overload’ when it comes to weight loss posts on the internet that finding something that actually works is like looking for a needle in a haystack! To add the metaphorical cherry on top, you’ll find quite a few loony tricks that surprisingly work and plenty of sane ones that don’t make even a bit of difference.

So, what do you do during these mad, mad times?

Well, just read on. We tested 8 highly popular weight loss tricks for you, in order to see if they work or not. Here are the results!

Trick No. 1: Measuring Your Weight Daily

Trick No. 1 Measuring Your Weight Daily


This tip took the world by storm just because of how simple it really is! According to a particular study, you should get on the weighing scale every day so you can stay motivated enough to lose the pounds and not put on any extra (1).

Our verdict: Don’t do that to yourself. Obsessing over how much you weigh in numbers can drive you crazy as these numbers have the tendency to fluctuate from time to time. Instead, focus on just weight loss rather than reaching a target number.

Trick No. 2: Mini Meals Keep Your Weight In Check

Trick No. 2 Mini Meals Keep Your Weight In Check


It’s commonly believed that you should have double the three daily meals, albeit in pint-sized portions to stay fit. And, in fact, some reliable sources back it up as a safe formula for weight loss (2). But it’s not as good as it sounds.

Our verdict: Recent research has proven eating small meals is in no way better than 3 solid ones (3). In fact, eating more meals can make you want to eat more overall. So, don’t try this one.

Trick No. 3: Cook Your Meals Yourself To Control What You Eat

Trick No. 3 Cook Your Meals Yourself To Control What You Eat


Often the reason why we pile on extra and unwanted weight is because we end up purchasing meals rather than cooking them. And you know maintaining your weight definitely means eating right. Well, this tip suggests that you cook your own meals so that you have full control over what’s going on in your body.

Our verdict: Cooking your own meals gives you complete power over what you’re eating and the amount that you really need to consume. If you don’t want to fall into the trap of diets, this trick will work for you.

Trick No. 4: Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss

Trick No. 4 Juice Cleanse For Weight Loss


This trick has been quite a fad amongst celebrities and many of them swear by it. In the juicing diet, you’re supposed to have only juices of fruits and vegetables, instead of solid meals to aid weight loss.

Our verdict: It. Does. Not. Work. Sure, you’ll lose weight but that weight will come right back once you start eating solids again. Plus, this diet has plenty of other drawbacks (4). Use it as a temporary detoxification ritual if you need one.

Trick No. 5: Take A Picture Of Your Food To Stop Eating Junk

Trick No. 5 Take A Picture Of Your Food To Stop Eating Junk


One of the rather zany tricks out there, snapping a picture of every meal of yours and sending it to your nutritionist can help you become more dedicated to your weight loss regime.

Our verdict: This thing actually works. When you take a picture and maintain a meal book, you become more conscious of what you’re eating. Which means it’s easier to ditch the junk food!

Trick No. 6: Weight Loss Supplements Are Magic Pills

Trick No. 6 Weight Loss Supplements Are Magic Pills


Most of us look for easy ways out when trying to shed the kilos and magic weight loss supplements seem like just what we need! These pills work by burning the extra fat in your body and helping you achieve the figure you always wanted to.

Our verdict: Don’t even think of spending your money on these if you’re solely going to rely on them. Several studies have shown that these don’t work. And if even they do, they only act as one of the many tools required for weight loss (5), (6).

Trick No. 7: Lower Your Calorie Consumption

Trick No. 7 Lower Your Calorie Consumption


Most of the weight loss programs focus on just that – lowering your calorie intake so you can achieve the ideal weight (7). However, this entirely depends on your case. And sometimes eating fewer calories can be dangerous.

Our verdict: Although you may lose weight this way, it can still be harmful to your body (8). It can weaken your digestion, metabolism, and even thyroid function. So, don’t direct your focus on calories. Instead, monitor the food you eat.

Trick No. 8: Take Your Cravings Into Account

Trick No. 8 Take Your Cravings Into Account


Cravings can be signals from your body, conveying to you what you really need and when. Fat cravings could indicate that you don’t have enough healthy fats in your diet, while salt cravings show that you have adrenal fatigue.

Our verdict: You should listen to your cravings as they can help you learn what each of them mean and then act accordingly. For example, a chocolate craving is only caused when your body is stressed and lacks in magnesium. At such moments, giving is good.

Still confused about the weight loss plan you should follow? Don’t be. As you can see, some things work and some don’t, so a little bit of trial and error is necessary. Just be sure you do it under expert supervision.

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8 Popular Weight Loss Tricks Tested

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